Training Events

Since the Encounter Bible curriculum employs a significant paradigm shift in both teaching and learning, and embeds latest pedagogy in brain-based learning, as well as a move to teaching units rather than a traditional textbook, training in this curriculum is paramount.

Elementary Encounter Training

Secondary Encounter Training

Bridge to Elementary

Bridge to Secondary

To teach Bible in the Adventist system, using Encounter materials and resources, the Bible teacher must have received Encounter training in one or more of the following ways:

  • methods course at college or university that has an Encounter component
  • direct instruction from an Encounter trainer
  • viewing and completing of Encounter modules on the ALC

Teachers should contact their Union Education Office for further information on training.

Training with ALC

Adventist Learning Community (ALC) conducts training for Elementary Encounter, Secondary Encounter, and bridge courses for teachers trained in one curriculum but transitioning to another.

For teachers to obtain an Encounter login, they must send a copy of their certificate to their union certification registrar.

ALC Bridge Course

Teachers who have completed elementary or secondary Encounter training and are required to teach secondary or elementary Bible classes must take a Bridge course on ALC.

Higher Education

Pre-service teachers will not be given an Encounter login. Once they are hired by a NAD school they can receive their Encounter login after their Union registrar has checked their transcript.

NAD College/University professors who are teaching Encounter in their methods courses can contact their Union to request a login once they have completed the training. They will have access to the Encounter materials to share with their pre-service teachers.

Procedures for Access

Union Conference Offices of Education are the “gatekeepers” in providing access to Encounter Bible materials and resources. Each Union Conference Office of Education will host Encounter Bible trainings for its Bible teachers as needed, and guide them to training on Adventist Learning Community (ALC).


To teach Bible in the Adventist system using Encounter materials and resources, the Bible teacher must have received Encounter training in one or more of the following ways:

Union Conference Offices of Education must

  1. Obtain verification of training.
  2. Create new ID account(s) for any trained individual not already in the User Manager.
  3. Check each new trained individual as Elementary Trained and/or Secondary Trained in the Dashboard User Manager.

Login Information

  1. Login and password for Encounter curriculum is the same as the AE Dashboard
  2. Access to the curriculum is contingent upon these components in the educator’s AE Dashboard account:
    1. an active teaching role
    2. working email
    3. verification of training

NOTE: Access to Encounter curriculum begins and ends according to the AE Dashboard roles beginning and ending. Logins update when emails are updated.


Bible Curriculum
for grades 1–12

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