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Since this new Bible curriculum employs a significant paradigm shift in both teaching and learning, and embeds latest pedagogy in brain-based learning, as well as a move to teaching units rather than a traditional textbook, training in this curriculum is paramount.

Teachers who plan to use this new curriculum in the new school year will need to attend training in their Union. Administrators are also welcome to attend this training and will need to register their interest with their Union Education Department. Each participant will receive three days of training in the new curriculum, fellowship with like-minded teachers, spiritual nurture, a sample Encounter unit, and a certificate upon completion. Please see your Union about the cost for training.






















Training Dates



to be announced




July 23-25, 2018





to be announced




to be announced




to be announced




Robert Parrish




Ben Kreiter

Stephanie Johnson




Deborah Daniels




Nina Atcheson




Deborah Daniels

Andon Boyce




Union Office




Union Office





Union Office




Hawaii Mission Academy




Union Office

Please contact us if you have other questions.

two-day Encounter training Goals:

  • Share a time of visioning and spiritual renewal from Scripture
  • Be informed about the Adventist Encounter Curriculum, resources, rollout and implementation
  • Experience a variety of teaching methodologies that can be used in the classroom
  • Meet and network amongst other practicing Bible teachers

Bible Curriculum
for grades 9-12

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